Eat Fat, Get Thin Diet


I mean, I talk about… there’s a…Chapter 8 in my book, skip directly to Chapter 8. But there’s so much shame around food and around sex, especially for women that those two things get conflagrated and confused, and I really want to take the shame away from that. Yeah, that’s great. So how do people get over their cravings? How do you help them get over all that? Alexandra : Well the first thing is to recognize that we all have them. You’re not bad for having a craving. You might actually want to indulge whatever that craving is. Is this craving going to serve me or is this something that is hiding something else? Is it covering up a bacterial, a nutritional, and an emotional need? Learn more at and

Right. So you got to work your way into those things and really start to discover what’s going on with you. Really ask yourself, what do I want and how do I really want to feel? How are my habits with these cravings in foods and in my life setting me up to have the life that I want? So I believe that cravings are really one of your body’s languages that speaks to you about what you need, but we don’t know the language, so we have to learn it. There our good cravings and there are cravings that are driven off of things that are not you, right? Yeah. So I think there are real cravings we have as humans that you mentioned, which are beautiful. But we found that in “Eat Fat, Get Thin”…we did a beta test with a thousand people, and we found this remarkable finding. That 80% of people had cravings really constantly or very frequently, right? That’s a lot sugar, carb cravings. After 21 days, it went down to just a couple of percent by eating fat, because fat works in your brain to shut off cravings and hunger. I’m almost never hungry. If I’m stupid about when I’m planning and I don’t think when I’m travelling, where I’m getting everything, I can get in trouble sometimes, but almost never. I eat a ton of fat. That keeps me even. It keeps my energy even. It keeps me feeling great. And it actually shuts off all those cravings, because I’m just like everybody else. If I eat a Cinnabon for breakfast, I’m going to be craving sugar all day. Oh my God, if I have a Cinnabon for breakfast, you can just put me back to bed because I’ll be in a coma. Coma, food coma. Right. You know that happened to me once. I was in an airport. I hadn’t…my flight was cancelled. I felt depressed and felt sorry for myself. They were blowing that Cinnabon smoke at me; you know how they do that in the airports. And then… Oh I know, they’re evil.

They have a fan going, a reverse fan. And then… Alexandra : It’s also really an interesting topic to point to, is that the brain…peo- ple jokingly say or they’re like, “Oh, I had low blood sugar so I got mad,” or, “I had low blood sugar so I had no defenses and I ate that thing that I shouldn’t have.” Well, you have low brain sugar. Your brain consumes a lot of the glucose in your body, and it’s built of fat, so the ratio of those two things in your diet can really weaken your willpower. Or you can start to strengthen it by eating loads of fat all the time. That’s basically the whole point of this series, right? Just eat more fats, kids. Well you know, you can overdo it for some people but it’s really about adding fat, the right fats, and what happens to people is amazing. You’ve seen it with your clients. Learn more at