Help recover my phone’s data


Dropped iPhone 6S inside the pool 3 days in the past. Have saved in rice on the grounds that then but the telephone may not activate. no longer positive whether or not to try charging it however do not need to do something that would probably harm it. I do not without a doubt care approximately the telephone, (even though if you could fix it altogether, that would be ideal), I simply actually need the snap shots and other statistics again.

might you or someone at be capable of recover information from a Samsung S7 phone that has a damaged display screen? My insurance corporation is going to restore it but I do not want to lose all of the facts in my telephone when they reset it so I would really like to again it up in advance.

Dropped Samsung galaxy s6 now displaying black display with flashing blue led light. when plugged into charger pink charging light shows. Reset buttons have now not worked and o2 said it likely wasn’t repairable. would really like to get images from device if feasible.

Recovery of data from phones like the Samsung S6,S7 or iPhone is usually in the region of £300 to £400.