Problems with an iPhone 5s


My iphone 5s tries to turn on, is going to the Apple emblem for about 20 seconds after which display screen goes black, every so often phone repeats this cycle, on occasion not. attempted updating the software via iTunes, update failed. attempted recovery mode, additionally failed. The phone has a number of family photos and notes which are not sponsored up so we can not do a manufacturing unit reset. we are much less afflicted about the smartphone problems than the photos and notes, so if they may be stored but it means detrimental the telephone beyond restore then that is okay. obviously if the statistics may be retrieved and the smartphone constant then that could be a bonus. may want to you suggest in all likelihood costs for only statistics retrieval, and/or data and get in touch with repair.

My tool is one of the original 42 GB white iPods. It powers up however isn’t able to read the inner drive. Can u get better the song files onto an outside hard drive? i am presently in China however again within the U.k. In August.

i’ve an outside difficult pressure that doesn’t seem to boot up. you could listen it trying too but the pressure does not seem to kick in. while linked to my mac the light is on so it is operating however now not capable of be examine. i’ve tried it in various computer systems. I would love a quote for purchasing the information off of this tough pressure. it’s miles a My Passport for MAC.

I would really like to have an envisioned budget for improving the facts (mainly images and office documents). tough disk version: difficult disk Toshiba, 750GB. hassle: Disk examine mistakes unstable/Failing read/write heads tough disk force/s have failed Media surface is degraded study write heads are terrible

pc had a very difficult fall and may be very damaged. HD removed and isn’t spinning and no noise from study heads. noticed circuit board damaged, board removed and broken chip found. replaced circuit board with board from equal modle HD (but smaller GB), both boards have equal modle wide variety but exceptional revision numbers. With new board platters may be heard spinnig and examine heads shifting, however best for about five-10 seconds. HD not being recognised while connected to my vintage laptop. drive is a Western digital 750GB WD7500BPKT with 6 or 7 walls, running Win7